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Unlocking the Potential of NFTs: The Revolutionary Dream Pass Experience by RE:DREAMER

We were thrilled to co-host the inaugural NFT Taipei event in December 2022, held in Taiwan’s capital city. The 10-day event, from December 9th to 19th, offered a variety of fun activities for attendees to engage with, redeem, and learn about NFTs.

RE:DREAMER was proud to debut the Dream Pass at NFT Taipei. As the provider of an innovative and modular Redeem Protocol that connects blockchain to mainstream systems, we were thrilled to unveil the first city-wide implementation of NFT redemptions in real-life! “Dream Pass NFT has integrated various perks from retail, restaurants, scooter rental services, and entertainment events. By empowering NFT, a digital asset, with real-life practical values, we aim to educate and inspire the potential of our Redeem Protocol,” said CEO Jason Cheng.

When we say “practical value,” we mean a variety of tangible benefits that can be used in the real world. These include coupons for all the stores in Syntrend Creative Park, discount codes for WeMo Scooter, KKDay, and SecuX that can be redeemed and used directly in-store and online. Additionally, holders of Dream Pass NFT can redeem for a surprise bag at our smart vending machine, redeem a Taihu Beer via our mobile POS, and other perks!

Curious about how to acquire a Dream Pass NFT? There were two ways to get your hands on one. First, anyone who purchased an NFT Taipei ticket automatically received the Dream Pass NFT before the event. As our goal was to educate and inspire, we also made it possible for anyone to fill out a survey on MetaCRM, and upon completion, receive an airdrop of the Dream Pass NFT.

It was evident that the excitement for the Dream Pass NFT was not limited to just our team, as holders of the Dream Pass also loved it. From December 8th to December 31st, we distributed over 5,500 Dream Pass NFTs to more than 4,000 unique wallets, resulting in over 11,000 redemptions in real life! The top three redemptions were the NT$100 Syntrend coupon, which saw 3,065 redemptions, followed by E-Voucher General Mystery Box, and E-Voucher VIP Mystery Box.

Another hit among the holders was our smart vending machines. RE:DREAMER has two smart vending machines filled with surprise goodie bags during the event. Holders could simply scan their Dream Pass NFT at the smart vending machines and receive a gift bag filled with various physical items. Out of the two vending machines, one received more attention than the other, the one featuring a CloneX skin! The vending machine featured this image as RTFKT, a creator-led company, offers IP rights for commercial use for the NFT. The vending machine attracted many passersby and fans of CloneX wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Having the opportunity to bring blockchains and NFT utilities to the community was exciting. Furthermore, we created an Easter egg for the Dream Pass NFT, to enhance the physical-digital experience. “Our goal was to delight holders by showing them that their digital asset can reflect and even transform their real-life actions,” said Jennifer, our Marketing Manager. By collaborating with ThunderCore and SOOOUL, we made the Dream Pass NFT dynamic. Every redemption made in real-life transformed the appearance of the Dream Pass NFT, demonstrating that an NFT is not just a static JPEG, but a digital asset that possesses added meaning and value.

This experience aligns with the mission statement of our co-founders Boyu Chu and Jason Cheng, which is to “revolutionize how people own and interact with their assets using blockchain technology, enabling anyone to do phygital business anywhere.”

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our amazing community who joined us on this journey. When co-founder Boyu was asked about his expectations for Dream Pass, he said, “I hope that the public can experience the potential of blockchains and NFTs in their daily lives, and that visionaries are inspired to build innovative business models.” The Dream Pass NFT has given the community a glimpse of our aspirations for the future. Keep an eye out for more exciting projects to come!


Enable anyone to do phygital business anywhere! RE:DREAMER bridges Web2 and Web3 with payment-like API/SDK, connecting NFTs to real-world experiences, rewards, and physical goods to drive community and business growth.


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