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RE:DREAMER’S 3 key takeaways from NFT Taipei

In December 2022, Taipei hosted the 10-day NFT Taipei event, which brought together project owners, NFT holders, enthusiasts, and the curious to engage in panel discussions, experiences, and networking opportunities.

As one of the proud co-hosts of the event, the RE:DREAMER team shared their vision of hybrid commerce and the potential for blockchain technology to drive significant business and community growth through their innovative modular NFT Redeem Protocol.

At NFT Taipei, we had the opportunity to showcase our innovative creation — the Dream Pass NFT. The Dream Pass NFT not only allowed holders to access real-life perks from a wide range of retail partners and also enabled them to receive surprise bags from our smart vending machine. This served as an excellent example of how digital and physical worlds can be interconnected to create new and exciting experiences for businesses and customers. This was possible because our NFT Redeem Protocol is a bridge between traditional Web2 and Web3 systems.

The event’s notable highlights included a two-day conference featuring industry titans such as Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, Sandbox’s Sebastien Borget, and Animoca’s Yat Siu, discussing various topics, including gaming, creators, intellectual property, and community development.

RE:DREAMER’s co-founder, Jason Cheng, was a guest speaker at the conference, where he exchanged ideas with Martin Harder of AtomicHub, one of the busiest NFT marketplaces, on the topic of “Hybrid E-Commerce: The New Way of Doing Business.” The discussion emphasized the need to create lifetime value beyond a single transaction by fostering a deeper connection between customers and the brand, which can be achieved through a hybrid e-commerce approach.

After attentively listening to the conversations between industry leaders at NFT Taipei, RE:DREAMER’s Marketing Manager, Jennifer, noted that the discussions consistently touched on three key subjects: community, core, and trust.

It’s all about the community

During NFT Taipei, industry leaders from various sectors discussed the importance of creating a genuine community that is truly invested in a project instead of simply being drawn in by the hype. Jennifer highlighted that project owners recognized the difference between spectators and core fans who would engage, utilize products and help grow the community. According to her, one of the most significant takeaways from the event was the focus on “KOC” or key opinion consumers — which means that everyone has a voice in the space, and fame or size of the community doesn’t necessarily equate to success.

This emphasis on the quality of the community over its size was also emphasized in the fireside chat between Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Mask Network founder and CEO Suji Yan.

Be authentic to your core

Another important takeaway from the conference was the need to focus on the fundamental values and purpose of the project. Jennifer noted that the community’s interest in GameFi and DeFi has declined, and fewer people are pursuing these paths. One reason for this trend could be that users who participate in a project solely for monetary rewards may lack genuine motivation and leave once the incentives disappear.

During Sebastian Borget’s keynote on “Unlocking Creativity and Culture in the Sandbox Metaverse,” he emphasized creating an environment where people “come for the game but stay for the social connections.” To achieve this, project owners should concentrate on creating a fun game or an immersive metaverse that encourages genuine interaction, rather than relying solely on the play-to-earn model. By refocusing on the project's core values, project owners can cultivate an authentic and engaged community.

Rebuilding trust

The third takeaway was the importance of rebuilding trust, which was emphasized in the aftermath of the FTX scandal and collapse. Jennifer recalled repeatedly hearing the emphasis on the need for transparency, sharing road maps, and doing Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to regain the trust of the community. Other speakers encouraged projects that may not be able to meet certain deadlines to be open and honest with their community, rather than pushing out new developments for the sake of it.

The first major NFT event in Asia has concluded on a high note, leaving many world-renowned talents feeling optimistic about the future. Jason said, “There’s so much talent in Asia. While Taiwan has been famous for its hard-skill capabilities, NFT Taipei showed abundant creativity in the country. I look forward to showcasing Asia’s presence in NFT/Web3 to the world!”


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