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Brand Assets


ReDreamer_Logo_long logo_purple.png
Long logo | Download
ReDreamer_Logo_short logo_purple.png
Short logo | Download
ReDreamer_Logo_box logo_coloured.png
Box logo | Download
ReDreamer_Logo_portrait_white bg.png
Icon logo | Download

RE:DREAMER Key Visuals

Profile photo | Download
gradient bg.png
black bg.png
transparent bg.png
Cover photo | Download
REDREAMER_cover photo_02.png
REDREAMER_cover photo_01.png
REDREAMER_cover photo_04.png
REDREAMER_cover photo_03.png

Empowered by RE:DREAMER Labels

Qrcode Lable | Download
qrcode square.png
Empowered by RE:DREAMER 
Lable | Download
short_white bg.png
long_white bg.png
text_on black bg.png
Text version please copy and paste | Empowered by RE:DREAMER

RE:DREAMER Colour Pallete

Brand colours CMYK + RGB | Download

RE:DREAMER Brand Guideline

RE:DREAMER Brand Guideline_v.2_2022.08.20 | Download
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