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Commercial Data Exchange MiddleWare in On-chain Economies

We harness the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize business applications. Our expertise lies in creating a decentralized Data Exchange Infrastructure for commercial RWA and bringing consumer data back to blockchain. By combining real asset oracles, NFT Redeem Protocol, ERC6672 NFT standard, we empower Domin Network to seamlessly integrate Web3 & IRL.


Open information silos


Breaking down information silos and introducing a standardized interface, we empower businesses to efficiently share and exchange data related to in-real-life assets, purchase and consumer behaviors.


Frictionless integration experience

Offering a user-friendly and non-disruptive integration process, we ensure enhanced user experiences while maintaining cost-effectiveness, stability, speed, and extensibility.


Trust and Decentralized

As a member of the Redeem Protocol community, we collaborate to build an ecosystem grounded in trust, transparency, and collaboration, empowering businesses with confident tokenization.


We are on a mission to revolutionize the commerce and consumer data on the blockchain.

We envision a future where every physical item possesses a digital twin on the blockchain, creating endless possibilities for seamless interaction between the physical and digital realms.


Secured and Tamper-Proof


Blockchain ensures immutable ownership records, reducing fraud and disputes, and providing transparent asset ownership.


Transferability and Efficiency


Transfers through blockchain transactions, eliminating complexities and intermediaries, enhancing efficiency.


Liquidity and accessibility

Tokenization divides assets into smaller fractions represented by tokens, making it easier for holders to buy, sell, and trade, fostering liquidity and broader participation.


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Jason Cheng

CEO / Co-founder

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Archie Chang

CTO / Partner

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Boyu Chu

COO / Co-founder

Team members.png

Team members from all over the world!


Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
Los Angeles
New Delhi


2023 Q2

Proposed and passed ERC6672, a multi-redeemable NFT standard, as the 67th globally recognized ERC standard by the Ethereum community.


2023 Q2

Selected for the Web3 ThreeDAO Accelerator program.

2023 Q1

Accepted and received investment from UK Web3 VC Outlier Venture x Polygon Basecamp.


2023 Q1

Launched Ultraman Phygital project with AtomicHub and Beast Kingdom, selling 70,000+ NFTs, achieving 3,000+ redemptions, and acquiring 28% new users for AtomicHub.

2023 Q1

Received grant from the World Asset Exchange to develop the official vIRL (Virtual in Real Life) NFT standard, unlocking new possibilities for virtual asset tokenization.


2022 Q4

Developed and issued Dream Pass NFT Campaign with Syntrend for NFT Taipei, achieving 14,000+ NFT redemptions and facilitating decentralized on-chain information exchange among brands, projects, and wallet providers.

2022 Q4

Successfully integrated with TurnCloud, enabling NFT usage for discounts and products, and enhancing behavior tracking.


2022 Q1

Launched The Remade's phygital NFT collection, witnessing 200 rNFT transactions within 24 hours, optimizing supply chain capacity and capital.

2021 Q4

Founding of the team!

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