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Join Our RE:DREAMER Ambassador Program!

RE:DREAMER is bridging Web2 and Web3 with a payment-like API/SDK, and connecting NFTs to real-world experiences, rewards, and physical goods to drive community and business growth. But we can’t do it alone — we need the full force of the REBELS!

Introducing the Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is designed to reward community members with $RPT for helping to expand Redeem Protocol. We welcome individuals from all personal and professional backgrounds united under one common goal: to educate their personal networks and help promote the RE:DREAMER and Redeem Protocol ecosystem as a standard.

We’re now hiring Growth Hacker to join our program. We can’t possibly transform the future of commerce alone — we need EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to join this revolution!

How can you contribute?

Anyone can become a contributor if they’re passionate about the blockchain industry, but we expect sincere efforts. We need representatives who understand what we do and want to be a part of this revolution.

We want representatives who take the initiative, suggest bold new ideas, and become integral to our community. The more impact your work brings to the community, the higher your involvement will be in changing the future of the internet.

What do you get as a RE:DREAMER Ambassador?

  • Exclusive Ambassador NFT Drops

  • Ambassador role on RE:DREAMER Discord

  • Access to the private Ambassador Discord channel

  • $RPT token rewards up to 10,000 every month

  • More exciting Ambassador perks to come…

Role and Responsibilities

Community Diplomats

  • Drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement

  • Help us grow our Twitter, Discord, and Medium communities

How to take part?


  • A healthy following on social media

  • You have a passion for the Blockchain industry

Action Step:

  1. Follow us on Twitter, Medium & join our Discord

  2. Apply Here. If you are accepted, someone will get in touch to onboard you

How will we support you?

We want your job to be fulfilling and easy. We understand you have a day job and other responsibilities. To make it easy, we will do the following:

  • Provide you training materials

  • Offer ongoing support

  • Recognize and reward top performances

For more details, join RE:DREAMER network!


The gateway to hybrid commerce: bridge digital and physical realities with NFT Redeem Protocol. We enable anyone to do phygital business anywhere by connecting Web2 and Web3 with payment-like API/SDK, bringing NFTs to real-world experiences, rewards, and physical goods to drive community and business growth.


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