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2022 — A Year in Reflection

In 2022, RE:DREAMER turned 1 year old! Though a young company, we made significant strides towards realizing our vision of building the future of commerce with our Redeem Protocol.

Regardless of the market conditions, we never lost sight of our mission to revolutionize e-commerce, liberating new ways of business, with the power of blockchains. We knew that this was a space with endless potential, and we were determined to make the most of it.

We launched a number of innovative projects that bridged the virtual and physical worlds to create new and exciting experiences. We also formed 41 partnerships with innovators in the space, working together to drive adoption and advance phygital applications.

Proud of what we have built and grateful for our team and partners, we’d like to take you on a journey of our milestones from each month.

January Product

  • In December 2021, we introduced the NFT Redeem Protocol, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly connects Web3.0 and Web2.0 systems. This standardized interface allows for efficient NFT validation, authorization, and connection to mainstream systems. To support various levels of integration, we developed the REDEEM PASSPORT (Off-Chain) and the REDEEM CENTER (On-Chain) in January 2022.


  • We kicked off our journey with a groundbreaking collaboration with Brave Series, a Netflix anime series, and Fandora, a leading merchandising company. Together, we launched a highly successful project featuring a limited edition, global redeemable NFT (RNFT) collection of 500 pieces. With our Redeem Protocol, RNFT holders could redeem one of four exclusive models of Demon King Figures and redeem for the launch party entry.

February Product

  • The launch of REDEEM PASSPORT v2.0; the new version offers enhanced functionality and flexibility, enabling support for multiple campaigns and blockchain platforms.


  • We had the opportunity to participate in the “Solana Ecosystem Development Seminar” and collaborated with Solex to offer holders of their NFTs a unique experience to redeem seminar tickets and vouchers.

March Project

  • In partnership with The REMADE, a renowned wearable art brand based in LA, we launched the groundbreaking E-Damer Genesis NO.1 NFT project. This project gifted NFT holders with an RNFT every 90 days, which could be redeemed through RE:DREAMER’s protocol for a physical pair of sneakers. This project perfectly exemplifies how our redeem protocol can create new business models by connecting the digital and physical worlds seamlessly.

April Product

  • We launched our Redeem Console System, a dashboard for managing and monitoring all aspects of our PASSPORT and REDEEM CENTER campaigns. This user-friendly interface allows project owners to easily track and manage redeemed transactions and validated redemptions in real-time.


  • We were delighted to collaborate with Kichiriki, a renowned Japanese spirit company, to launch Sake X, an innovative RNFT project that aimed to promote sake culture. This project featured 3 different levels of RNFT, each with different perks such as retail discounts and priority sales, which could all be redeemed through our Redeem Protocol.

  • We were excited to see our Redeem Protocol API being integrated for the first time in the innovative “Metalion Getting Coffee” project. The project offered holders of its NFTs the opportunity to redeem a complimentary cup of coffee every day for 180 days; showcasing how our Redeem Protocol can be used for day-to-day operations with ease and it was the perfect example of how our protocol can provide value for small and big reward-based projects alike.

May Project

  • We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Redeem Protocol Guild, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) community for individuals who are passionate about our ecosystem. The guild offers a platform for members to collaborate, contribute, and be rewarded for their efforts. It’s a great way for interested parties to get involved and be part of shaping the future of the Redeem Protocol ecosystem.

  • We had the pleasure of participating in the Meta-Commerce Web3 Conference alongside industry leaders such as The Remade, Lootex, ThunderCore, Bricks, OurSong, and others. We showcased the diverse range of applications our Redeem Protocol supports, including ticketing, smart vending machines, and mobile point-of-sale systems. This conference provided us with a platform to demonstrate the versatility of our protocol and its ability to integrate with different systems seamlessly.

June Event

  • NFT NYC! We were excited to attend NFT NYC and had the exciting opportunity to organize a networking event, Web 3 Unstacked — Asia NFT Night in NYC, with industry leaders such as Fansi, None-Capital, The Z Institute, and SecuX. The event provided a platform for meaningful conversations and valuable connections in the NFT space. It was a great chance for us to connect and collaborate with the Asian American community.


  • E-Damer released its first RNFT and integrated our REDEEM CENTER for the redemption. As a part of their launch party, we were pleased that our PASSPORT was utilized for holders to redeem their NFTs for entry. This collaboration exemplifies how our Redeem Protocol can seamlessly integrate with various projects and platforms, making it easy for users to redeem their digital assets.

July Product

  • We were excited to announce the launch of a new API management function on our Redeem Console System. This feature was developed with the aim of providing agencies and project owners with an easy and convenient way to manage and monitor multiple redeem campaigns. The API management functionality on our Redeem Console System provides an efficient and streamlined way to manage digital assets, bringing more value to the redemption process.

August Event

  • Our CEO, Jason, had the opportunity to speak at Web 3.0 The Next Frontier for Talents, where he demonstrated how RE:DREAMER seamlessly connects Web2.0 with Web3.0 through the integration of our Redeem Protocol. We showcased a smart vending machine that had been integrated with our protocol, providing a tangible example of how our technology enables the redemption of digital assets in the physical world. The demonstration received praise from the audience and highlighted the potential of our protocol in revolutionizing various industries and creating new opportunities for talents.


  • We were thrilled to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our partner, Astrogator in style! They rented out an amazing venue for the occasion, and as part of the celebration, utilized our Redeem Protocol to allow holders of their NFTs to redeem for entrance tickets and drink vouchers. The event perfectly demonstrated how our redeem protocol can provide value and enhance real-world experiences.


  • After 9 months of diligent work and validation, we were excited to share the results of our efforts with the community. Our first Medium article illustrated an overview of our NFT Redeem Protocol, which seamlessly coordinates on-chain records with off-chain systems, enabling a revolutionary approach to commerce. Our protocol is designed to overturn the status quo and bring a new and unparalleled experience to phygital assets. The medium post was a milestone for us, and we look forward to developing and improving our protocol to bring even more value to the community.

October Event

  • We had the pleasure of attending FinTech Asia in collaboration with Taishin, a leading Asian bank, ThunderCore, and Alpacadabraz to showcase the many innovative ways in which Web3 technology can integrate into everyday life. We demonstrated how our redeem protocol can bring digital assets, physical rewards, and traditional finance together, highlighting this technology's tremendous potential to revolutionize how we interact with and use money. The event was a great opportunity for us to connect and collaborate with key players in the FinTech and blockchain industries.

  • We were excited to announce our partnership with Rakuten Monkey and ThunderCore to revolutionize baseball's fan experience and engagement through our Redeem Protocol. We joined forces to bring unique digital experiences to baseball fans, giving them a chance to redeem NFTs for exclusive merchandise and special experiences. By utilizing our redeem protocol, we are able to create an engaging and rewarding experience for the fans.

  • We were honored to collaborate with Dentsu (@dentsuintl), the leading media and advertising powerhouse, to showcase the practical application of NFTs with our Redeem Protocol. As a guest speaker for Dentsu’s Metaverse Seminar, we had the opportunity to share our knowledge and insight on the topic. Furthermore, we took it a step further and integrated our Redeem Protocol in their in-house café, allowing employees to experience NFT redemption firsthand.

November Event

  • We were incredibly proud to be recognized and invited to speak at NFT London! Jason and Boyu had the honor of sharing their expertise on the topics of “The Future of Commerce with Redeemable NFTs” and “E-Commerce 3.0 with NFTs: Tokenizing Physical Items”. It was a valuable opportunity for us to share our knowledge and insights on the future of NFTs and how our Redeem Protocol is poised to play a key role in shaping this future. Being invited to speak at such a reputable event is a testament to the value and potential of our technology, and we are honored to have been a part of it.

  • During NFT London, we attended AtomicHub Live and were thrilled to witness our partner Beast Kingdom announce the Ultraman Project, which we have been closely collaborating on for almost a year! The reveal was a culmination of our hard work and dedication toward creating a unique and engaging experience for fans of the iconic Ultraman series through the utilization of NFTs and our Redeem Protocol. It was a proud moment for us to see the fruits of our labor being shared with the community and we are excited for the world to experience the project.


  • We were thrilled to have a presence at Designer Con in LA through a booth showcasing our innovative Redeem Protocol. Our goal was to demonstrate how our protocol can connect physical and digital collectibles to unlock their full commerce power and community engagement potential. By integrating physical and digital experiences, we aim to create new and exciting ways for fans to engage with their favorite brands, artists and products. It was a great opportunity to connect with the community and showcase the value of our protocol in bringing phygital experiences to life.

December Event

  • RE:DREAMER was proud to be one of the co-hosts of the inaugural NFT Taipei event. After participating in various NFT conferences around the world, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to organize the first premier NFT conference in Asia. It was an honor to bring together industry leaders, community members, and anyone interested in the NFT and Web3 space to learn, share ideas, and collaborate on building a better future for the industry. It was a remarkable event where we had the chance to network and learn about the latest developments in NFTs and Web3 technologies.


  • In conjunction with NFT Taipei, we were excited to launch our Dream Pass NFT project, a unique NFT that grants its holders exclusive perks in the real-world. This project was designed with the belief that NFTs must have practical applications to establish value and create real-world utility for the holders. A surprising aspect of the Dream Pass NFT is its dynamic transformation with every redemption, creating an engaging experience that has never been seen before.

  • With the aim to boost understanding and adoption of NFT utilities, we integrated our Redeem Protocol into various mainstream systems, including restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores, scooter rental services, smart vending machines, and more.

  • From 12/08–12/31, we distributed over 5,500 NFTs issued to more than 4,000 unique wallets, resulting in 11,000+ redemptions in real-life!

  • We would like to extend our gratitude to our partners ThunderCore, Dynamics, and SOOOUL for their valuable contributions and support in making this project a reality.

As we reflect on the past year, RE:DREAMER is humbled by the support and partnerships we have been able to establish. We are proud to have signed 41 partners who share our vision of pushing the NFT application and Web3 technology boundaries.

As we look ahead, we remain committed to continuing our work to build a better future for NFTs and Web3, and we are excited to see what new opportunities and partnerships the next year will bring.

We are grateful for the support and belief of our partners, the community and our team in making this happen and we look forward to working together to continue to shape the future of NFTs and Web3!


Enable anyone to do phygital business anywhere! RE:DREAMER bridges Web2 and Web3 with payment-like API/SDK, connecting NFTs to real-world experiences, rewards, and physical goods to drive community and business growth.


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