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Why RE:DREAMER Protocol?

RE:DREAMER is a Web3 protocol technology company that provides fast, secure and reliable NFT redemptions across more than 200 countries and six public chains. We facilitate Metacommerce through the transfer of value and information among a global network of customers, merchants, public chains and our strategic partners. Our advanced RE:DREAMER protocol enables validation and authorization of NFT redemption, allowing us to provide public chains and business partners with a wide range of products, platforms and services.

Our mission is to provide the Web3 market the most innovative, reliable and secure NFT redemption network- enabling individuals, businesses and Metacommerce to thrive.

RE:DREAMER’s Solutions

RE:DREAMER protocol provides user NFT authentication, NFT authorization and NFT application (AAAs). At the same time, we are offering seamless connections between our Web2 and Web3 partners.

A typical RE:DREAMER redemption begins when an NFT holder authorizes his or her NFT to redeem for goods or services. The redemption request is then sent to us and routed to our redemption protocol for an authorization decision. The redemption request is either approved or declined and routed back to the public chain and merchant, usually in seconds.

Like an operator, our protocol connects Web2 systems and communicates with different smart contracts in Web3. Our core NFT redemption processing services involve the routing of NFT information and related data to facilitate the authorization, clearing, and settlement of redemption between public chains and acquirers.

What does RE:DREAMER Protocol do?

  • Validation of an NFT

  • Our protocol authenticates the NFT on different public chains.

  • Authorization from the NFT Holder

  • We confirm the redemption approval from the NFT holder. Meanwhile, tokenization makes transferring asset ownership easy and secure.

  • Connection towards ecosystems

  • By using our API/ SDK, we help to connect existing web2 services to communicate with different smart contracts in Web3. On the contrary, we also help to connect Web3 project builders with Web2 merchants to build new services, capabilities, and solutions for NFT redemptions.


RE:DREAMER connects millions of NFT holders and Web2 businesses every day through the power of our protocol. RE:DREAMER has partnered with businesses from different sectors, including shipping, brands, ticketing, POS providers, vending machines and more. RE:DREAMER network enables our Web2 and Web3 partners to work together seamlessly, expand and thrive in Metacommerce. Our Web2 and Web3 partners can leverage our existing RE:DREAMER network connections to build new services, capabilities, and solutions for phygitals in real life.


Enable anyone to do phygital business anywhere! Re:DREAMER bridges Web2 and Web3 with payment-like API/SDK, connecting NFTs to real world experiences, rewards, and physical goods to drive community and business growth.


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