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Unlocking Dual Success: The Dream Pass Solution for Two Business Goals



Elevating the Shopping Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

Syntrend is a popular multi-story shopping mall in Taipei City, Taiwan, specializing in consumer technology products, related accessories and other related lifestyle products. With top international brands like Apple, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Microsoft, Canon, Leica, GoPro, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Bose, and Devialet opening flagship and experiential stores, Syntrend offers an unparalleled shopping experience.

The Goal

Driving Customer Engagement and Growth

Syntrend aims to expand its customer base while reinforcing its technology leadership through innovative tech services. To achieve this, Syntrend is focused on enhancing customer engagement and attracting new customers to its brand. By offering compelling incentives such as coupons and implementing cost-effective strategies that maximize profitability while delivering high-quality goods or services, Syntrend is committed to maintaining its leadership position in the consumer technology industry

The Solution

Dream Pass: Unique Digital Pass for Rewards & Perks


Syntrend collaborated with RE:DREAMER to create the Dream Pass campaign, a unique digital pass that offers multiple rewards and perks at Syntrend. The pass includes exciting rewards such as a $300NTD coupon and various discounts at participating stores. Designed dynamically, every reward redemption changes the appearance of the digital pass, encouraging consumers to use it. The Dream Pass campaign is a perfect example of Syntrend's commitment to enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, offering a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience.

The Result

Exceeding expectations with real engagements

  1. The Dream Pass campaign has exceeded expectations, with impressive results:

  2. The campaign's coupon usage rate has reached over 60%, surpassing all previous campaigns.

  3. Syntrend has acquired new customers at a rate of over 60%, proving that the Dream Pass has appeal beyond Syntrend's existing customer base.

  4. Dream Pass has saved Syntrend a significant 50% in cost per action.


The Dream Pass's unique ability to be used by multiple individuals and offer a variety of utilities, all in one innovative package, has been a winning solution for Syntrend's goal of increasing customer engagement while reducing costs.

The Dream Pass provides a new and interactive way for customers to engage with the Syntrend brand while offering real value and benefits to customers. Syntrend's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity has paid off, and with the Dream Pass, the possibilities for future growth and success are endless.

“We are delighted with the results of the Dream Pass campaign. It provided a unique and interactive way for customers to engage with our brand, while also delivering real value and benefits to them. The Dream Pass campaign helped us to achieve our goals of increasing customer engagement, attracting new customers. We look forward to partnering with RE:DREAMER for future campaigns." - Syntrend.


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