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Powerful Partnership: Beast Kingdom and RE:DREAMER Join Forces to Redefine Figurine Sales with Web3 Integration



Bringing Ultraman Collectibles to Life from Digital to Physical Realm

Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. is a prominent Taiwanese company known for its manufacturing and distribution of licensed merchandise related to popular U.S. and European pop-culture properties. As a global developer and distributor, Beast Kingdom specializes in creating merchandise based on well-known movies, television shows, comics, graphic novels, books, video games, and icons from pop culture.

In 2022, Beast Kingdom partnered with Tsuburaya (the intellectual property owner of Ultraman), AtomicHub, and RE:DREAMER and in 2023, launched a series of Ultraman collectibles that transitioned from digital to physical form.

The Goal

Revolutionizing Figurine Collecting through Gamification and NFT Integration

The goal of Beast Kingdom is to revolutionize the way figurines are sold by introducing innovative strategies. They aim to gamify physical goods by incorporating NFT technology, thus enhancing the value and experience of collecting. By integrating gamification into the physical collection process, Beast Kingdom wants to create an interactive and immersive environment for collectors, making the acquisition of figurines a thrilling and engaging experience. Additionally, they seek to diversify their distribution channels, reaching a wider audience and expanding their market presence. With these strategies in place, Beast Kingdom aims to attract new users, fueling their growth and establishing themselves as a leader in the figurine industry.

The Solution

RE:DREAMER Collaboration: Unlocking the Thrill of Blind Box Collecting and Figurine Redemption in Partnership with Beast Kingdom

  1. Collaboration with RE:DREAMER: Beast Kingdom collaborated with RE:DREAMER to create a blind box experience for collectors.

  2. Silver Standard and Golden Premium Packs: During the primary sales, collectors have the option to purchase either the silver standard pack or the golden premium pack. The silver standard pack contains 5 NFTs, while the golden premium pack contains 15 NFTs.

  3. Unpacking Blind Packs: Collectors can open the blind packs they have purchased, and each pack contains NFTs with different rarities. The rarities include mystic, exotic, epic, rare, uncommon, and common, each with a different percentage of obtaining them.

  4. Card Collection and Figurine Redemption: After acquiring the required amount of cards through the blind packs, collectors can then receive an rNFT (redeemable NFT) from RE:DREAMER. This rNFT serves as a token for the redemption of a physical figurine.

The Result

Revolutionizing Figurine Sales: Beast Kingdom and RE:DREAMER's Convergence of Traditional and Web3 Native Strategies


Sale Page Visits


Queue for Purchase


Limited Edition Figurines Redeemed

  1. Sales Page Visits: The sales page received approximately 50,000 visits, indicating a significant level of interest in the NFTs and figurines.

  2. Queue for Purchase: Approximately 23,000 individuals joined the queue to purchase the NFTs and participate in the primary sale, demonstrating high demand for the products.

  3. NFTs Sold in Primary Sale: The primary sale resulted in the sale of approximately 70,000 NFTs, generating a revenue of around USD 120,000. This signifies a successful response from collectors and customers.

  4. Secondary Trade Volume: The secondary market for the NFTs experienced a trade volume of approximately USD 72,000, indicating a thriving market for reselling and trading these digital assets.

  5. Limited Edition Figurines Redeemed: Around 3,000 limited edition figurines were successfully redeemed using the rNFTs acquired through the blind packs. This highlights the engagement and interest of collectors in obtaining the physical collectibles.


Beast Kingdom's traditional way of selling figurines involves the conventional model of physical sales, where collectors purchase figurines directly through traditional retail channels or official stores. On the other hand, RE:DREAMER's innovative approach introduces a new way of selling figurines by incorporating Web3 native strategies.

  • New User Acquisition: RE:DREAMER focuses on attracting 80% of new users from the Web3 native community.

  • Primary Sale Revenue: RE:DREAMER's approach generates 2.5 times higher revenue compared to traditional sales through the integration of NFTs and the blind box experience.

  • Secondary Sale Revenue: The introduction of NFTs and the secondary market creates a new source of income for Beast Kingdom.

By adopting RE:DREAMER's approach, Beast Kingdom expands its reach, increases primary sale revenue, and taps into the potential of the secondary market.

Our collaboration with RE:DREAMER has been a game-changer for us. The integration of NFTs and the blind box experience has elevated our figurine sales and attracted a new wave of tech-savvy collectors. The partnership has significantly increased our primary sale revenue and opened up exciting opportunities in the secondary market. We are thrilled with the positive response from collectors and look forward to further success with RE:DREAMER in the future.

Lana Li

Senior Director, R&D, Beast Kingdom


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