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Igniting Engagement and Fostering Community: GIGABYTE's Triumph at PAX East



Empowering Innovation and Advancing Technology for a Connected World

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading computer brand, is known for its wide range of products, including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, monitors, and mini PCs. With a focus on quality and innovation, GIGABYTE serves consumers, businesses, gamers, and cloud systems.

They provide exceptional user experiences for content creators and gamers while expanding into server hardware and cloud systems with AI and IoT integration. GIGABYTE's commitment to technological advancement sparks creativity and makes the future achievable for all.

The Goal

Captivating New Users and Pushing Boundaries

Recognizing the significance of community growth, engagement, and conversion, GIGABYTE embarked on a mission to captivate and engage new users through groundbreaking methods at PAX East, a highly celebrated expo of gaming and gaming culture. GIGABYTE aims to spark enthusiasm and interest in their products while fostering a strong and loyal community by pushing boundaries of innovation and engagement experience.

The Solution

Unveiling the Game-Changing AORUS Smart Vend Machine


GIGABYTE joined forces with RE:DREAMER to unveil the game-changing AORUS Smart Vend at PAX East. AORUS, a premium gaming brand stemming from GIGABYTE, had recently launched the AORUS Falcon Warriors Club (AFWC), the core backbone of the next-generation AORUS digital community.

This revolutionary solution aimed to enhance the traditional raffle ticket system previously employed by GIGABYTE at conferences. Instead of relying on conventional tickets, attendees were invited to join AORUS's AFWC Discord Server by scanning a QR code. As a reward for their engagement, each participant received an exclusive AFWC Genesis Invites NFT airdrop to their wallet through RE:DREAMER. These NFTs could be instantly redeemed at the AORUS Smart Vend for a wide range of exciting gifts.

Integrating AORUS NFTs and event participation created a seamless and thrilling experience for attendees. By eliminating the need to return to GIGABYTE's booth for raffle results, participants could promptly utilize their NFTs at the AORUS Smart Vend, fostering a heightened sense of convenience and anticipation. This visionary initiative perfectly aligned with GIGABYTE's vision for the AFWC as the foundation of their next-generation digital ecosystem.

The Result

Unprecedented Success and Lasting Impact

  • 100% Conversion: Over the four-day event, all 400 gifts available were successfully redeemed. Each attendee had the opportunity to redeem one gift, resulting in a complete acquisition journey for all participants. This exceptional conversion rate demonstrates the high level of engagement and interest generated by the innovative solution.

  • 20% Boost in Engagement: In comparison to previous events where GIGABYTE employed a raffle ticket system, the AORUS Smart Vend provided an innovative, enjoyable, and seamless experience that significantly increased attendee engagement. Previous events saw only 80% of attendees with raffle tickets return, but the introduction of the Smart Vend captured the attention of the attendees and led to a significant boost in engagement. The vending machine's interactive nature and exciting redemption process played a vital role in enhancing attendee participation.

  • 4.7% Community Growth: The AFWC Discord Server associated with the event witnessed a remarkable growth rate of 4.7% in terms of user numbers. This increase in community engagement and interest signifies a positive trend, highlighting the success of the collaboration between GIGABYTE and RE:DREAMER in capturing the attention of new users and fostering a sense of community. The event's impact extended beyond the physical gathering, nurturing an online community that continues to thrive.


RE:DREAMER’s solutions combined the AORUS NFTs and the innovative AFWC platform to bring GIGABYTE outstanding results and also forged future collaborations and collections within their thriving digital community. The integration of NFTs and event participation not only offered exciting rewards but also contributed to the overall engagement and interest generated by the event. Attendees were captivated by the unique opportunity to be part of this exclusive experience, igniting curiosity and a strong interest in GIGABYTE's diverse product offerings.

“Our partnership with RE:DREAMER has been a resounding success, thanks to the integration of their state-of-the-art Smart Vend. By combining web2 services with web3 technology, they were able to provide our community with a range of innovative utilities. This collaboration has not only allowed us to achieve our goals but also exemplifies the immense potential of such synergistic partnerships.”

Angela Cheng

Social Media and Sponsorship Manager


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