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Empowering End-to-End Gaming and Collectible Experience



AtomicHub's Cutting-Edge Launchpad Redefines the Collectibles Experience

AtomicHub, a leading NFT marketplace, has been driving the transformation of the gaming and collectibles industry. With a deep commitment to providing a seamless platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs, AtomicHub has empowered collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

In their continuous pursuit of revolutionizing the industry, AtomicHub launched a cutting-edge launchpad, aimed at delivering a seamless and immersive experience for NFT enthusiasts.

The Goal

Strategic Collaboration Unlocks Innovative Collectible Experiences

AtomicHub's mission was to create an engaging and seamless NFT marketplace, catering to the diverse interests of fans and collectors. The strategic collaboration with RE:DREAMER, the redeem protocol bridging the physical and digital worlds, and Beast Kingdom, a global IP licenser and manufacturer, aimed to unlock innovative gameplay and a smooth immersive collectible experience. Through their advanced technology and expertise, AtomicHub aimed to showcase their launchpad capabilities, with the highly anticipated Ultraman project serving as a prime example.

The Solution

Merging Physical and Digital Realms in a Seamless NFT Experience


The Ultraman project fused the realms of physical and digital through the combination of 8 limited edition physical figurines and 56 digital collectible NFTs. Fans and collectors had the opportunity to purchase, own, trade, and collect these digital NFTs, which could be redeemed for their physical counterparts. The redeemable NFTs (rNFTs) were seamlessly airdropped to collectors' wallets, and when redeeming, shipping and delivery information are collected, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds smoothly.

From sale, trade to redemption process, the end-to-end experience was happening on AtomicHub user-friendly launchpad. Furthermore, AtomicHub introduced a PayPal payment option, allowing non-Web3 natives to use fiat payments via credit cards, broadening accessibility for collectors.

The Result

Elevating Collectible Experiences: AtomicHub's Tactical Partnerships Fuel Ultraman's Success


Sales Page Visits

70,000 NFTs

Sold in Primary Sale

USD 72,000

Secondary Trade Volume

  1. Sales Page Visits: The Ultraman project's sales page recorded approximately 50,000 visits, indicating a significant level of interest and excitement surrounding the NFTs and physical figurines.

  2. NFTs Sold in Primary Sale: The primary sale resulted in the sale of approximately 70,000 NFTs, generating a revenue of around USD 120,000, demonstrating the successful response from collectors and customers.

  3. Secondary Trade Volume: The secondary market for Ultraman NFTs experienced a thriving trade volume of approximately USD 72,000, illustrating the active reselling and trading community surrounding these digital assets.

  4. Broadened Market Access: The integration of PayPal payment options on AtomicHub facilitated a seamless user experience, allowing 28% of purchases to be made via credit card transactions. This broader range of payment options enhanced accessibility and expanded the project's reach to a wider audience.


AtomicHub's commitment to transforming the NFT marketplace, coupled with their strategic partnerships, has propelled the Ultraman project to new heights. By seamlessly merging the digital and physical realms and delivering innovative gameplay, AtomicHub has fostered engagement, expanded market reach, and demonstrated the immense potential of their launchpad.

Our collaboration with RE:DREAMER was a game-changer! Their redeem protocol merging physical and digital realms allowed an unparalleled NFT experience on AtomicHub. 50k+ visits and 70k+ NFTs sold, generating $120k+ revenue, speak to its success. The innovative fusion of physical figurines and digital NFTs captured enthusiasts' imagination. Smooth airdrops and redemptions strengthened the connection. Grateful for this partnership in revolutionizing the NFT space!

Martin Harder

Business Development Lead at


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